About me


Maxime, founder of the vDays.net website, and passionate about IT. I have been working as a Microsoft Systems & Virtualization Systems Engineer for 3 years after being able to build a solid experience during my 5 years of internship.

Although I’m using VMware from ESX 3.5 or VMware Server 2.0, it’s been only a few months since I’ve been able to administer a complete e-commerce site .
In fact, with a great interest in VMware, I decided to open this little blog, without any pretensions, as a “bookmarks” so that I could share my discoveries, my problems and my successes! 🙂

Also, you can find information about my personal lab, which I was able to go home, financed in large part thanks to the various certifications that I have obtained and which allows me to be able to test, among other things, the different functionalities VMware.

If you want to contact me, feel free to use the comments at the bottom of each article, or the contact form.


My VMware & Microsoft’s transcripts