How to – Install PowerCLI 6.5.1 from PowerShell Gallery

By | 28 April 2017

“PowerCLI 6.5.1 has been released and in this release we have made some big changes to the way you install and keep up to date with PowerCLI! 

As of PowerCLI 6.5.1, you no longer have a MSI file to download and install. You can now install directly from the PowerShell Gallery! This update streamlines the install process in multiple ways and allows module based features which PowerShell users will be used to from other PowerShell based additions.”  VMware

You will have understood in this introduction, VMware simplified the installation of its tools. Now, you can install it with 2 Powershell command lines!

Let’s go to see that?

Online Installation

In this post, we will see online installation via PowerShell Gallery.

  • Check if you have access to the PowerShell gallery

PowerCLI 1

  • Now we can install the module with “Install-Module” powershell command

PowerCLI 2

  • After installation, you can check that new modules were be installed

PowerCLI 3

  • Finally, you can now import yor new module same as another module in Powershell

PowerCLI 4


Create a desktop shortcut

  • Right click on your desktop for example > New > Shortcut
  • Choose where you want to create your shortcut
  • Add this informations :

PowerCLI 5

  • Click on your shortcut !

PowerCLI 6


Bonus ! Add PowerCLI icon

You can download icon on

  • Right click on your shortcut > Properties
  • Select “Change Icon” in the “Shortcut” tabPowerCLI 7


For more information and for the Offline installation, go to the VMware site


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