TSHOOT – Exchange 2010 : Disabled mailboxes in a disconnected mailbox folder

By | 10 May 2017

Just a little post to troubleshoot a problem with Exchange mailboxes. During the last weekend, I’ve encountered a big problem on my Exchange Server. After debugging the problem due to some Active Directory containers deleted, I’ve restored them with Veeam Backup & Replication but all mailboxes have been Disabled and stored in Disconnected mailbox folder on mine Exchange Server!

Step 1 : Analyze !

If you are in this situation, you can apply my recommendations:

  • All my AD accounts were found and they can log onto the network!
  • In the OWA interface, I’ve seen “Your account has been disabled” …
  • In the Exchange Management Console, all my mailboxes were in the Disconnected mailbox folder! When I try to reconnect using “Matching User”, no user is listed. The user is also not listed when choosing “Existing Users.”
  • All Exchange services were running.

When I see the EventViewer logs, I can see 2 event ID:

Event ID 1025: “Exchange ActiveSync cannot access mailbox on behalf of user “USER”, on server VDAYS.NET, because the mailbox has been disabled.”
Event ID 1006: “The Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Replication service was unable to process jobs in a mailbox database. Database: EXCDB1”

Step 2 : Resolve !

In the Exchange Management Shell:

  • Check mailboxes were “Disconnected”

Exchange - Disabled mailboxes

  • Clean mailboxes (this command doesn’t delete your mailboxes! it will reconnect on the user)

Run again the first command to verify!

Problem persist?

If the problem persists, you can see in the “HomeMDB” AD Attribute User if the right database is tagged! if not, you can “Edit” it to add the right value!

Exchange - Disabled mailboxes


You can search your “HomeMDB” value when you connect on your domain in ADSI Edit > Configuration

Exchange - Disabled mailboxes


Browse to :


Here you have databases list. You do copy the “Distinguished Name” value of database and assign it to your user.

The type of value is :

Exchange - Disabled mailboxes

Reload the command line:

And verify again:

Tips !

If you want to change the HomeMDB for multiple users, you can execute this Powershell cdmlet :


I hope this post has helped you !

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