How to – Install SexiLog for VMware step-by-step

By | 9 May 2017

Hey guys ! In this post i’ll explain to you how to deploy and install SexiLog !

What is SexiLog ?

New free tool called Sexilog has been launched by two fellow bloggers Raphael Schitz (@hypervisor_fr ) and Frederic Martin (@vmdude_fr). It provides many built-in dashboards to get real-time logs from your ESXi hosts, vCenter, but also other products which can use Syslog, SNMP traps or Windows event logs. Sexilog is a Free Tool Optimized for VMware vSphere Environment.”

Sexilog have more than 20 dashboards and you can create another according to your needs.

Sexilog 9

How to install SexiLog ?

In a previous post we had see how to deploy an OVF/OVA. SexiLog can be download and deploy directly with an OVA.

After deployment, you can start the VM and logon you root/Sex!Log (Warning : US Keyboard)

You arrive on the configuration page of SexiLog :

Sexilog 1

  • If you are French you can change the keyboard : Press 6

Sexilog 2

  • The second step, if you want to use static IP : Press 5

Sexilog 3

  • The third step is to configure e-mail settings : Press 7

At this moment SexiLog is install & configure ! You can open your browser and go to http://your_sexilog_server


Now you do configure yours ESXi to add this new log server.

First one, with vSphere Web Client

  1. Select your Server
  2. Go to “Manage
  3. Select “Settings” tab
  4. Go to “Advanced System Setting
  5. Search “” and add your sexilog server with the port

Sexilog 5


Second one, with PowerCLI

  • First one, connect to your vCenter or your ESXi

  • If you have a single host, you can execute this command :


  • If you have multiple hosts in a cluster, you can execute this command :

Sexilog 6

Sexilog 7

  • In your vSphere Client you can see the tasks

Sexilog 8


Your “syslog” server is now up & running !

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