How to – Install VMware Tools in Linux

By | 24 May 2017

In this post I explain how to Install VMware Tools in Linux virtual machine. These VMware Tools may be required installed on all systems (Windows, Linux, etc). If the installation in Windows is done in a few clicks, a Linux server in console mode does not configure in the same way.

Install VMware Tools in Linux

1. In the vSphere Client, from the VM Console, go to the VM, Guest, Install / Upgrade VMware Tools menu. The ISO of the Tools will be loaded into the virtual machine.

Install VMware Tools in Linux


2. Open a local or remote console to create a mount folder:


3. Mount the disk:

The command may return a message that indicates that the media is write-protected and will be read-only, enough to read the ISO files.

4. List the files to identify the exact version of the VM Tools:

Install VMware Tools in Linux

5. Extract the files from the archive to a folder:

The files are extracted and listed in the console.

6. Go to the VMware Tools decompression folder:

7. Install the VMTools:

“-d” validates each step with the default settings.


NB : If the following message appears: “open-vm-tools are available from the OS vendor and VMware recommends using open-vm-tools. See for more information. Open VMTools should be installed in this way:

Open VMTools should be installed in this way:

In some cases, the official VMTools setup recommends installing Open VM Tools. These drivers are therefore linked to the system and not to the ESXi hypervisor. These OpenVMTools update with the OS packages.


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