CLI – Some commands line to manage your ESXi

By | 16 June 2017

This article is just a memo of some commands line that i use everyday to manage my virtuals environments. I hope will help you !

I will try to group the different commands lines by categories. These commands can be either PowerCLI or CLI.


Set RDM LUNs to Perennially Reserved – Fixes slow boot of ESXi :


More information – KB

Via PowerCLI

Script on


Enable Round Robin path policy on all LUN :

CHECK NO RR : This command line check LUN’s are not configure with RR

SETUP RR : Enable RR on all hosts

SETUP RR : Enable RR on all hosts in a specific cluster


List all parameters of a LUN :

Adding an NFS share to multiple hosts :


Convert a disk to eagerzeroedthick while keeping the data :

More information – KB

Add dynamic discovery iSCSI Target :


Rescan all HBA :


Add a VLAN to all nodes in a cluster :

Delete a VLAN on all nodes in a cluster :


List all PoweredOff VM with disk space and export to CSV :

 Check Logs live ESX

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