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By | 24 January 2018

A nice little feature when hosting several Web services on several different machines, it is the reverse proxy (or inverted proxy in French:))

I will not explain what it is because if you are here it is mostly to know how to set it up. So we’ll see together how to configure the reverse proxy on NAS Synology.

Reverse proxy on NAS Synology

Configuring Reverse proxy on NAS Synology

To access the setting of the feature you have to go to:

Control Panel > Application portal > Reverse Proxy

Synology-Reverse Proxy on Synology NAS

Synology-Reverse Proxy on Synology NAS

Click on “Create“, and you should arrive on this page:

  1. Description of the service
  2. protocol used (HTTP or HTTPS)
  3. Full domain name, ex: toto.vdays.net
  4. Port to used (80 usually for HTTP)
  5. Listening protocol on your destination server
  6. Destination server name or IP
  7. Service listening Port on destination server (ex: 32400 for Plex)

Validate by OK, your entry is now active. Repeat the operation to add other Web services and/or configure HTTPS as well.

Access from the outside

To access your services from the outside, you will still have to do two things:

  1. Redirect the ports of your box (80 and 443) to the IP address of the synology which acts as reverse Proxy
  2. Point your toto.vdays.net DNS name to the public IP of your home

In fact here is what will happen when you will want to access your services (see diagram below):

  1. I open my web page to http://toto.vdays.net
  2. My box/router redirects the stream to my Synology NAS on port 80
  3. The NAS identifies the request for access to Http://toto.vdays.net
  4. The entry that we created earlier corresponds to this request, the proxy then redirects the stream to the host:port that corresponds to the input
  5. I then access my resource.

Synology-Reverse Proxy on Synology NAS


Securing via HTTPS and SSL certificate

It’s nice to have opened its feeds directly from the internet, now it will be necessary to secure all this by generating, easily, and free SSL certificate to access its resources in HTTPS.

For this you can follow this tutorial [TUTO] – Synology : Generate and install a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for free that explains to you how to do with a NAS Synology!


Do not hesitate if you have any questions, leave me a little comment ! Thanks ! 🙂

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