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By | 4 April 2018

Hello !

Little trouble yesterday when wanting to start a VM I encountered the following error: A general system error occurred: Connection refused

After a few minutes of research especially in the VMware KB I applied the few recommendations found :

Check the status of the vmware-vpx-workflow service in your vCenter console

First of all, check the status of the vmware-vpx-workflow service by logging in ssh to your vCenter appliance.

If the service is stopped, try restarting it:

If the service start fails with this error message:

There is a problem elsewhere.

Check used space of vCenter partitions

In my case the partition of log was full thus causing problems to generate the various logs necessary for the good operation of the vCenter.

To make some space, you can delete the logs of type “java_error12049.hprof”:

To go further, we can also reset to 0 the logs here:

and re-check the available disk space:

Cool cool! We have won some GB ! :).

Our service vmware-vpx-workflow is always stop I remind you!

By “security” and because there can be dependencies between services, it is better to stop all services and let VMware restart them in the right order, as is necessary. This has no impact on your production, it will just make access to the vSphere Client and vSphere Web Client console inaccessible.

If you are fast enough, you will see the start of the service scroll:):

We’re good, with an up & running service! 🙂

Managing Audit logs

We can go a little further. If like me, you have set a root password when installing VCenter, and you never came back on it then it may be expired. In fact, by default, the root password for the VCSA appliance expires every 365 days. If you don’t change it, then it collects a certain amount of error and makes the log audit bigger.

So at first you would have to change your root password if it has expired, or else make sure it does not expire. You can do this by connecting to this address:

  • https://yourvcsa.tld:5480

VCSA-Change root password

Then we return to the VCenter in SSH and then restart the rotation of the logs that stopped at the end of the validity period of the password root.

Go check that the new logs of the day are well generated and archived:

If you ever have a log too big you can delete it or reset it to zero:

Hopefully it will have been helpful!


Go further

Here some KB Vmware to go further in setting up the rotation of the logs:

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