[TUTO] -Veeam: Delete temporary snapshots of Veeam

By | 5 April 2018

Today we speak about Veeam Backup & replication, including its temporary snapshots.

You may have already had a small Veeam bug and have to restart or at least make a retry of your backup jobs. In some cases, it may be that Veeam does not delete the snapshot that was taken, so you end up with a number of temporary snapshots that it would be good not to keep too long.

So we’ll see together how to identify these residual snapshots Veeam and especially how to remove them en masse!

Identifying temporary snapshots

To optimize our search we will go through the command line and use the very powerful PowerCLI of VMware! If you haven’t installed it yet, I advise you to go for a ride on the article I made about it, it will change your life! 🙂

Temporary snapshots

Result (there are people!):

Temporary snapshots

vCenter side it gives this:

Temporary snapshots

Purging Temporary snapshots

To bulk remove these snapshots, always in command line, just run this:

Temporary snapshots

Answer “A” to the question asked, if you have multiple snapshots. A progress bar will also be displayed:

Temporary snapshots

Hopefully that will have helped you well!



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