How to – Increase VMFS datastore with vSphere Web Client

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By | 4 May 2017

A quick article to see how to increase VMFS datastore with vSphere Web Client.

In a previous article, we had seen how to increase the capacity of a disk within a virtual machine. Today we will see how to increase the size of a datastore, in order to add VM or increase the size of these.

/!\ To expand the datastore you must be increase your LUN in your SAN before to increase in your vSphere environment /!\

Increase VMFS datastore with vSphere Web Client

  • Select “Storage

vmfs 1

  • Choose your datastore

vmfs 2

  • Go to :
  1. Manage tab and “Settings
  2. Select “General
  3. Click to “Increase

vmfs 3


  • Here you can see the LUN properties, click ‘Next’

vmfs 4

  • In this step, you can see the Maximum space available. You can select the size that you want increase via the slider

vmfs 5

  • In the last step, you can see a summary of wizard. Click finish to increase your datastore !

vmfs 6

  • In the tasks pane, you can see the task “Expand VMFS datastore, and another “Rescan VMFS” ! That’s all !

vmfs 7


Thank’s for reading ! 🙂

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